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Hi! My name's Jerry LaMontagne. I'm the CEO of Back Nine Group. 
We are a promotional branding products provider and for almost 40 years we've been helping businesses like yours stay continuously connected with their customers and clients.

Using tangible products like golf shirts, hats, calendars & coffee mugs, tote bags & travel mugs, your customers will think of you every time they use the item you gave them.

These products also effectively support all the other marketing platforms you may be using - TV, radio, print, social media ..... to promote your business

People will always be carrying around branded products wherever they go, why not let them carry your brand around your town?

You can obtain all of these branding products, not only at our everyday discounted prices but also, to subscribers of our Conçierge Service
..... AT COST.

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I invite you to browse our catalog, compare our pricing and see how we can help.
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